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Barbados! Barbados!

Barbados! Barbados! This was the chant from about 40,000 patrons all around the Rangers Football Club every time the widely popular Barbados Rugby Sevens team touched the ball. The team may have lost the games on the field in Pool A on Day Three of the XX Commonwealth Games in Scotland, but they won the hearts of every Scotsman in the Arena.

Rugby 2The Barbados Tourism Authority could not have paid for the goodwill and advertising of Barbados that went on at the arena. Everyone wanted a Barbados pin and had Barbados on his or her wish list of vacation venues. The bright spark for the team in the morning was scoring five goals off the Canadian team. This in itself was a small win for the team as a number of the lower seeded teams turnout scores of zero against, the higher ranked teams.

Netball 27The Netballers took to the court today again against South Africa. South Africa led at all the intervals 15-6, 30-16, 44-25 to finally win by a whopping 21 goals, 26-57. Barbados played their best in the third quarter when they were able to stay within three goals of the South Africans 9-12. This was due to some solid defensive play and swift movement through the South African centre court for which they had no answers.

This rhythm was broken however with some changes made to the team in the final quarter that did not work in Barbados’ favour. Laurel Browne with this game has her 100th cap for Barbados and Samantha Browne her 50th. Congratulations to both ladies. Latonia Blackman also crossed the 100th-cap milestone in the Trinidad and Tobago game.

air pistol 3The shooting team got started in the Air pistol event. Table Tennis had another tough day and Christopher Courtis was again in the pool, this time in the 50m-backstroke event.

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